Available courses

    Introduction to Climate Change for PE professionals

    On-demand e-learning course

    The first of 3 planned courses for practitioners seeking to integrate climate change considerations in their investment processes, from pre-investment due diligence, over the holding period, to the exit phase. 

    Introduction to Private Equity

    On-demand e-learning course

    A fundamental stepping stone to access the private equity (PE) and venture capital industry. This introductory course covers the essential terminology of the private equity and venture capital industry, the key players involved and their relationship.

    Principles of the Public Market Equivalent

    On-demand e-learning course

    Analysis of the performance measurement methodologies in private equity (PE), with a focus on the Public Market Equivalent (PME) methodologies.

    Foundation for Support Staff

    Live online classroom materials

    Covers key industry definitions and the private equity investment cycle through a combination of lectures and practical examples